#Occupy Yule

November 9, 2011


I waited till Halloween was over before starting this blog because I hate Halloween and I don’t want to make enemies right out of the gate. I preferred it when Halloween was just a holiday, not a months-long marketing season, crushing heads from July to October and punishing resisters with appeals to “the children.” Clamor is the new normal – endless repetition, overkill, excess. And Halloween indulges the current necrophiliac fad. In my own golden youth, we weren’t all practicing to be vampires and slaughtering our enemies on PS3s. We never saw blood and gore on television. It was considered dinky to wear a Halloween costume after the fifth grade. For merchants, Halloween is now the most lucrative American holiday after Christmas, outstripping even Valentine’s Day in sheer volume of peddled junk. That alone removes it from whatever meaningful – dare I say hallowed? – place it used to occupy on the calendar. I’m all for showing the kids a good time, but please! Carve a pumpkin, cut some holes in a sheet and send them out into the dark. It might develop their imaginations.

You don’t want to know what I think about Christmas. Words don’t capture the unremitting awfulness of Christmas commerce, a problem so well understood that people rail against it year after year while murdering their rivals for discounted iPods. On the flip side are those sappy reminders about “the true meaning of Christmas,” which we wouldn’t need if we actually listened to ourselves and obeyed our better natures. The anti-“War on Christmas” people should take aim at dollar signs, not atheists. Until you and I – now? this year? — drop out of the Christmas orgy and demand something more than platitudes about “Peace,” it will go on being the nightmare we could have avoided, but didn’t.

#Occupy Yuletide, that’s what I say. Pitch your tent at the food shelf.

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One Response to “#Occupy Yule”

  1. FJB Says:

    To me, Halloween marks the date when I stop watching 99% of commercials on TV. The moment I hear sleigh bells or see snow falling the channel gets changed!

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